Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes

Total Fitness offers many classes every month, with over 15+ options!  

Fitness Classes

January Class Calendar
Total Fitness offers many classes every month, with over 15+ options! 

 Modifications for all fitness levels are provided in all classes.

Class Descriptions:
  • Cardio / Crazy Cardio– Alternate cardio drills with multi-muscle weight training. Quick fat burner!
  • Cardio Kickboxing – 60 minute full body resistance and strength training class with non-contact and non-stop drills. Huge calorie burner and great stress reliever!  
  • Cardio/Weights - Intense circuit of cardio and weights to improve your heart, your stamina, and your strength.  
  • Cardio/Weights/Reps—Intense circuit of cardio and weights with focus on repetition—try to hit 1000 reps by end of class!  
  • Cycling/Weights – Combine spin class with some strength training for a killer burn.
  • Dancercise – Low impact senior line dancing and stretching.
  • Intervals – Alternate strength training with high intensity cardio bursts during one minute drills. A killer!
  • Kickbox – High-energy workout emphasizes cardio and strength through a series of easy-to-follow boxing drills. Equipment is provided. 
  • Kickbox Mix – 45 minutes of drills using focus targets, kick bags, BOSU and your own body weight. Equipment is provided.
  • Low Impact—Great for the beginner and all ages! Cardio/ strength without jumping, running, or high impact moves.  
  • Noon Strength - 40 minute total body workout over the lunch hour using weights to improve strength and muscle tone.
  • TBC (Total Body Conditioning) - High-intensity exercises targeting strength building, cardio & muscular endurance with a total body focus. 
  • Senior Gang – Sit and be fit exercise for seniors.
  • Spin – Low-impact workout provides a great calorie burn for all fitness levels! Located in our Cycling Theater.
  • Stations—Alternate strength training with high intensity cardio bursts featuring different stations to focus on different areas of your body. Total body workout! 
  • WOW—Women on Weights—registration required for this women only workout focusing on strength training. (Extra fee)
  • Yoga -Relax your mind while improving core strength/flexibility.

Total Fitness Fit Kids

Fit Kids are youth classes designed for children ages 4-12.  One hour classes to keep kids active, engaged, and having fun!
Classes include dance party workouts and basketball games!  Check our Facebook page for updates:

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